Knowledge-Based Systems, 19 (5), 2006

Knowledge-Based Systems
Volume 19, Issue 5, Pages 289-380 (September 2006)
Special Issue: AI 2005 SI (Edited by Max Bramer)

Table of Contents:

Guest Editorial
Max Bramer

Reusing JessTab rules in Protégé
D. Corsar and D. Sleeman

The semantic web as a Linguistic resource: Opportunities for natural language generation
Chris Mellish and Xiantang Sun

An agent-based approach to ANN training
I. Czarnowski and P. Je¸drzejowicz

Collaborative Recommending using Formal Concept Analysis
Patrick du Boucher-Ryan and Derek

On the use of OBDDs in model-based diagnosis: An approach based on the partition of the model
Gianluca Torta and Pietro Torasso

Robot docking based on omnidirectional vision and reinforcement learning
David Muse, Cornelius Weber and Stefan Wermter

Case-based reasoning investigation of therapy inefficacy
Rainer Schmidt and Olga Vorobieva

The Knowledge Bazaar
Brian Craker and Frans Coenen

A camera-direction dependent visual-motor coordinate transformation for a visually guided neural robot
Cornelius Weber, David Muse, Mark Elshaw and Stefan Wermter

Experience with Ripple-Down Rules
P. Compton, L. Peters, G. Edwards and T.G. Lavers

The effect of principal component analysis on machine learning accuracy with high-dimensional spectral data
Tom Howley, Michael G. Madden, Marie-Louise O’Connell and Alan G. Ryder

A neural network approach to predicting stock exchange movements using external factors
Niall O’Connor and Michael G. Madden

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