Knowledge Management on corporate future agenda – a survey

[German title: Wissensmanagement als wichtigstes Zukunftsthema für Unternehmen – eine Umfrage]

The Economist Intelligence Unit: Foresight 2020: Economic, industry and corporate trends. London u. a.: The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2006. ii, 97 p.

Abstract: …”Foresight 2020″, a new research report written by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Cisco Systems, assesses likely changes to the global economy, to eight major industries and to corporate structures over the next 15 years. … More than 1,650 senior executives, analysts and policymakers from across the globe took part in a survey and a series of in-depth interviews conducted especially for the report. The report also showcases the Economist Intelligence Unit’s new long-term growth forecasts.

Excerpt:Knowledge management. Running an efficient organisation is no easy task but it is unlikely on ist own to offer lasting competitive advantage. Products are too easily commoditised; automation of simple processes is increasingly widespread. Instead, the focus of management attention will be on the areas of the business, from innovation to customer service, where personal chemistry or creative insight matter more than rules and processes. Improving the productivity of knowledge workers through technology, training and organisational change will be the major boardroom challenge of the next 15 years.” (p. 3)

Which of the following areas of activity offer the greatest potential for productivity gains over the next 15 years?.” (p. 4) With 43% Knowledge Management was named the top area of activity!

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