Knowledge Management Research & Practice, 4 (2), 2006

John S Edwards

The theoretical foundations of knowledge management
Richard Baskerville and Alina Dulipovici

Nonaka meets Giddens: A critique
Zhichang Zhu

Making knowledge work: five principles for action-oriented knowledge management
Heather A Smith, James D McKeen and Satyendra Singh

Using decision support systems to facilitate the social process of knowledge management
Gilberto Montibeller, Duncan Shaw and Mark Westcombe

Knowledge sharing in a cross-cultural context: Nordic expatriates in Japan
Vesa Peltokorpi

Live capture and reuse of project knowledge in construction organisations
Hai Chen Tan, Pat Carrillo, Chimay Anumba, John M Kamara, Dino Bouchlaghem and Chika Udeaja

Knowledge creation for science and technology in academic laboratories: a pilot study
Quamrul Hasan, Marcelo Machado, Masatoshi Tsukamoto and Katsuhiro Umemoto

Heraclitus: philosophy of change, a challenge for knowledge management?
Heiner Muller-Merbach

Case Studies in Knowledge Management
Mark Nissen

Strategic Knowledge Management Technology
Michael J D Sutton

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© 2006 Palgrave Macmillan Ltd.

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