A knowledge management system for continuous improvement and asset management

[German title: Ein Wissensmanagement-System für Kontinuierliche Verbesserungen und Vermögensverwaltung]

Title: Process-based knowledge management system for continuous improvement 
Author(s): Kevin D. Barber, J. Eduardo Munive-Hernandez, John P. Keane 
Journal: International Journal of Quality & Reliability Management 
ISSN: 0265-671X 
Year: 2006 Volume: 23 Issue: 8 Page: 1002 – 1018 
DOI: 10.1108/02656710610688185 
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited 

Abstract: Purpose – This paper presents a practical methodology for developing a process-based knowledge management system (KMS) for supporting continuous improvement (CI) and asset management.
Design/methodology/approach – An action research methodology was used to develop a KMS to support CI in a manufacturing company. The KMS is evaluated through application in the case study company. This methodology ensures a consistent approach to carrying out all improvement initiatives. The final part of the methodology addresses the construction of an intranet-based knowledge warehouse. This contains several searchable areas such as existing information on assets, new knowledge generated from projects, details of expertise in the business and links to the key business drivers through the corporate intranet.
Findings – The KMS is shown to support CI initiatives through the utilization of available data already held within the company’s management databases (production, quality and maintenance) including consideration of corporate strategic plans. Process models trigger the application of improvement tools and projects in a true CI environment.
Research limitations/implications – This methodology acknowledges both tacit and explicit knowledge within the company, and it represents an appropriate environment to promote and develop a true learning organization.
Practical implications – The system developed is shown to be flexible and has been implemented in a manufacturing environment. Financial benefits are presented.
Originality/value – The approach used is novel and integrates several areas of IT and process improvement techniques. The resulting methodology is applicable to large and small companies without requiring major IT support facilities. The methodology supports the development of true learning organizations. 

Keywords: Continuous improvement, Knowledge management, Modelling 

Article Type: Research paper 

Article URL: http://www.emeraldinsight.com/10.1108/02656710610688185

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