Call for Participation in a new Benchmarking Study of the American Productivity & Quality Center

[German title: Aufruf zur Teilnahme an einer neuen Benchmark-Studie des American Productivity & Quality Centers]

APQC Launches a New Benchmarking Study on Knowledge-Retention and -Transfer Strategies and Tactics

With an aging work force and the decrease in the number of lifelong employees, organizations have realized that critical-knowledge retention is vital and must be addressed sooner rather than later.
“Retaining Today’s Knowledge for Tomorrow’s Work Force: Strategies and Tactics for Knowledge Retention and Transfer” is a unique study that examines how best-practice organizations identify, capture, and transfer critical knowledge before an employee leaves the organization.  Participants will learn how best-practice organizations successfully capture critical knowledge, transfer it to the next generation, and sustain these practices for the long term.

A few key issues:

  • Baby boomers, who make up one-third of the work force, are retiring and taking critical knowledge with them.
  • Organizations know there is a need for knowledge retention, but they have neither a plan to pinpoint when knowledge loss will occur nor a system for retrieving critical knowledge.
  • It will take years for inexperienced workers to take on roles for which they are unprepared, leading to costly mistakes, lower productivity, and a slower innovation process.

I hope you will join us in this unique study of best practices in critical knowledge-retention and -transfer strategies and tactics.

Visit for more information or contact me. Please feel free to share this information among professionals within your organization who are responsible for knowledge retention or work force development.

Thank you very much for your time!
Ron Webb
executive director, membership
(713) 685-4634

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Call for Participation in a new Benchmarking Study of the American Productivity & Quality Center — 1 Comment

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    APQC (Ed.): Retaining Today’s Knowledge for Tomorrow’s Work Force (Best Practices Report), Huston: APQC, 2008, 229 pages, ISBN: 978-1-60197-143-2


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