Journal of Knowledge Management, 10 (5) 2006 (Special: Knowledge based development)

From transitional to radical knowledge-based development  
Francisco Javier Carrillo (pp. 3-5) 
Keywords: Cities, Knowledge management 
Aspects on the city as a knowledge tool  
Leif Edvinsson (pp. 6-13) 
Keywords: Design, Human capital, Intellectual capital, Knowledge management 
ArticleType:Research paper 
World cities of knowledge: research strength, networks and nodality  
Christian Wichmann Matthiessen, Annette Winkel Schwarz, Søren Find (pp. 14-25) 
Keywords: Cities, Knowledge management 
ArticleType:Research paper 
The contribution of KIBS to innovation in cities: an evolutionary and institutional perspective  
James Simmie, Simone Strambach (pp. 26-40) 
Keywords: Cities, Innovation 
ArticleType:Research paper 
The region’s intellectual capital benchmarking system: enabling economic growth through evaluation  
Blanca Martins Rodriguez, José María Viedma Martí (pp. 41-54) 
Keywords: Benchmarking, Cluster analysis, Economic growth, Innovation, Intellectual capital 
ArticleType:Research paper 
Intellectual capital within Iberian municipalities (network)  
Tomás M. Bañegil Palacios, Ramón Sanguino Galván (pp. 55-64) 
Keywords: Cities, Competitive strategy, Knowledge management 
ArticleType:Case study 
A unified methodological approach for the development of knowledge cities  
Kostas Ergazakis, Kostas Metaxiotis, John Psarras, Dimitris Askounis (pp. 65-78) 
Keywords: Cities, Knowledge management 
ArticleType:Research paper 
Singapore in transition: from technology to culture hub  
Caroline Y.L. Wong, Carla C.J.M. Millar, Chong Ju Choi (pp. 79-91) 
Keywords: Communication technologies, Culture (sociology), Singapore 
ArticleType:General review 
Citizen participation in decision-making processes: knowledge sharing in knowledge cities  
Michal Goldberg, Edna Pasher, Maya Levin-Sagi (pp. 92-98) 
Keywords: Cities, Citizen participation, Intellectual capital, Knowledge management 
ArticleType:Case study 
Learning conversations: knowledge, meanings and learning networks in Greater Manchester  
Blanca C. Garcia (pp. 99-109) 
Keywords: Cities, Knowledge management, Social networks 
ArticleType:Research paper 
The future center as an urban innovation engine  
Ron Dvir, Yael Schwartzberg, Haya Avni, Carol Webb, Fiona Lettice (pp. 110-123) 
Keywords: Cities, Education, Innovation, Knowledge management 
ArticleType:Case study 
Rethinking social capital theory: a knowledge management perspective  
Mark W. McElroy, René J. Jorna, Jo van Engelen (pp. 124-136) 
Keywords: Innovation, Language, Social progress 
ArticleType:Conceptual paper 
Culture, cognition and knowledge-based development  
Ahmad Raza, A. Rashid Kausar, David Paul (pp. 137-145) 
Keywords: Cognition, Culture (sociology), Design and development 
ArticleType:Conceptual paper 
Call for papers
Annual Special Issue on Knowledge-based Development, 2007 

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