KMPro Launches First Month for Knowledge Management

[German title: KMPro eröffnet ersten Wissensmanagement-Monat]

Knowledge Management Month — October 2006
Knowledge Management Professional Society (KMPro)
September 25, 2006

KMPro has designated October as international “Knowledge Management Month” — a month for KMPro members and all other KM’ers worldwide to partcipate in activities intended to increase awareness and focus upon knowledge management. Recognizing that Peter Drucker had identified improving the effectiveness of knowledge workers as the “most important management challenge of the 21st century” knowledge management has become critical to organizations world-wide. Yet despite that fact, it seems that many organizations remain unclear of the value of KM or how to implement it. Which is why KMPro has decided to ?champion? this event.

KMPro encourages ALL KM’ers and all other KM societies and associations to join in this month — to promote all that is KM. Additional information on plans and activities will be available on the KMPro website ( as well as on the KM Month event site itself ( – available October 1st). If you would like to volunteer to sponsor, host or coordinate any activities (including online events) or contribute in any way (suggest an idea!), please contact Dr. Dan Kirsch (email or call +01-757-460-6500).

Dr. Nick Bontis, a member of KMPro’s Advisory Board had this to say about KM Month:

“October is Knowledge Management Month. This means that for 31 days knowledge workers around the world will unite in their effort to harvest the full intellectual capital potential of their organizations. We will seek to promote knowledge sharing behaviours and we will not tolerate the destructive behaviours of hoarders. We will embrace and support all KM educational programs. We will appreciate both the technological and human aspects of KM equally. And, we will seek out and kiss a CKO on the cheek!”

(Dr. Nick Bontis, Director, Institute for Intellectual Capital Research, Professor of Strategy, McMaster University)

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