Knowledge and Process Management, 13 (3), 2006 (Special: Continuous innovation, performance and KM)

[German title: Knowledge and Process Management 13 (3), 2006 (Sonderausgabe: Kontinuierliche Innovation, Leistung und Wissensmanagement)]

Special Issue: Continuous Innovation, Performance and Knowledge Management (Edited by Ross L. Chapman, Mats Magnusson)

Guest Editorial: Continuous innovation, performance and knowledge management: an introduction (p 129-131)
Ross L. Chapman, Mats G. Magnusson

Managing innovation through social architecture, learning, and competencies: a new conceptual approach (p 132-143)
Peter Murray, Deborah Blackman

Knowledge exploitation, knowledge exploration, and competency trap (p 144-161) Weiping Liu
Dynamic capabilities in early-phase entrepreneurship (p 162-174)
Paolo Boccardelli, Mats G. Magnusson

Process learning in alliances developing radical versus incremental innovations: evidence from the telecommunications industry (p 175-191)
Jan Feller, Annaleena Parhankangas, Riitta Smeds

An empirical examination of performance measurement for managing continuous innovation in logistics (p 192-205)
Claudine A. Soosay, Ross L. Chapman

What knowledge management for mobile workers? (p 206-217)
Mariano Corso, Andrea Giacobbe, Antonella Martini, Luisa Pellegrini

The relationship between innovation and business performance – a comparative study between manufacturing and service firms (p 218-225)
Daniel I. Prajogo

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