Knowledge-Based Systems, 19 (6), 2006

[German title: Knowledge.Based Systems Journal, Jg. 19 Nr. 6, 2006 erschienen]

Knowledge-Based Systems Journal
Volume 19, Issue 6, 2006

Stages of knowledge management systems in police investigations
Petter Gottschalk

A new algorithm for automatic knowledge acquisition in inductive learning
Ömer Akgöbek, Yavuz Selim Aydin, Ercan Öztemel and Mehmet Sabih Aksoy

Integrating fuzzy data mining and fuzzy artificial neural networks for discovering implicit knowledge
Mu-Jung Huang, Yee-Lin Tsou and Show-Chin Lee

Automated conversion between different knowledge representation formats
Haining Yao and Letha Etzkorn

Predictive and comprehensible rule discovery using a multi-objective genetic algorithm
S. Dehuri and R. Mall

A preprocess algorithm of filtering irrelevant information based on the minimum class difference
Zhiping Chen and Kevin Lü

Risk and confidence analysis for fuzzy multicriteria decision making
Norman Fenton and Wei Wang

Using multiple and negative target rules to make classifiers more understandable
Jiuyong Li and Jason Jones

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