Learning through knowledge transfer in strategic supply chain partnership

[German title: Lernen durch Wissenstransfer in strategischen Partnerschaften mit Lieferanten]

Knowledge transfer between supply chain partners: a conceptual model
Qile He, Abby Ghobadian, David Gallear, Amrik Sohal
International Journal of Process Management and Benchmarking 
Issue: Volume 1, Number 3 / 2006 
Pages: 231 Р262 

Abstract: The opportunity to learn more effective practices from firms operating within a strategic supply chain partnership is viewed as critical to enhanced competitiveness. Despite the perceived importance of knowledge transfer in a strategic supply chain partnership there is a paucity of conceptual models depicting the variables that have an impact on transfer effectiveness. This paper presents such a model and discusses how the variables are inter-related, through systematically reviewing the literature. The model development process involved both induction and deduction. The authors contend that the proposed model contributes to the developing literature and is of relevance to both researchers and practitioners.

Keywords: knowledge, knowledge transfer, supply chains, partnerships, buyer-supplier partnerships, process management

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