Limitations to human knowledge in cyberspace

[German title: Grenzen menschlichen Wissens im virtuellen Raum]

Erkki Patokorpi
Low knowledge in cyberspace: Abduction, tacit knowledge, aura, and the mobility of knowledge
Human Systems Management, Issue: Volume 25, Number 3 / 2006 , Pages: 211 – 220 

Abstract: In the same way as traditional classroom teaching sets boundaries to what and how learners can learn there seem to be some limitations to Information Society Technologies (IST) enhanced and mobile learning, that is, limitations or constraints set by the special epistemological conditions of digital interaction and culture. The essay at hand examines especially the limitations to human knowledge in cyberspace. It does so with the help of three well-known philosophical concepts: abduction, tacit knowledge and aura. Abduction, tacit knowledge and aura have some similarities which seem to justify in treating them under a common denominator of low knowledge. Low knowledge is a personal yet democratic form of knowing that focuses on differences and details, treating individuals as whole universes. It is suggested that low knowledge may be a key to a better understanding of the mobility and immobility of knowledge.

Keywords: Human-computer interaction, abduction, tacit knowledge, aura, technology enhanced learning, low knowledge, knowledge mobilisation

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