Management Learning, 37 (2), 2006 (Special: Organizational Knowledge, Learning and Capabilities)

[German title: Journal Management Learning, 37 (2), 2006 (Sonderausgabe: Organisationales Wissen, Lernen und Fähigkeiten)]

Special Issue on Organizational Knowledge, Learning and Capabilities

Birgit Renzl, Kurt Matzler, and Hans Hinterhuber
Introduction: Organizational Knowledge, Learning and Capabilities  139-141.

Cecilia Enberg, Lars Lindkvist, and Fredrik Tell
Exploring the Dynamics of Knowledge Integration: Acting and Interacting in Project Teams  143-165.   

Sue Newell, Mike Bresnen, Linda Edelman, Harry Scarbrough, and Jacky Swan
Sharing Knowledge Across Projects: Limits to ICT-led Project Review Practices  167-185.   

Andrea Hemetsberger and Christian Reinhardt
Learning and Knowledge-building in Open-source Communities: A Social-experiential Approach  187-214.   

Susana Pérez López, José Manuel Montes Peón, and Camilo José Vazquez Ordás
Human Resource Management as a Determining Factor in Organizational Learning 215-239.

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