New Book on "Next Generation Knowledge Management" – Again!?

[German title: Neues Buch über “Die nexte Generation des Wissensmanagements” – schon wieder!? ]

Next Generation Knowledge Management
Author: Jerry Ash, Association of Knowledgework
Year published: 2006
Pages: 260
ISBN: 0-9552666-3-7
Price: £345

This indispensable new report separates KM myth (and hype) from the reality, detailing the thoughts of these leading KM gurus, and presenting their theories in a highly practical context…
Featuring key contributions from:
– Stephen Denning,
– Leif Edvinsson,
– Karl-Erik Sveiby,
– David Snowden,
– Hubert Saint-Onge
– Carl Frappaolo,
– Debra Amidon,
– Ash Sooknanan,
– Richard Cross,
– Carol Kinsey Goman.

With more than 15 in-depth case studies, offering positive and realistic perspectives, this unique report illustrates the capabilities that enterprises must develop if they are to be successful in acquiring and exploiting knowledge management. Areas covered include:
– KM measurement;
– Storytelling;
– Communities of practice;
– Value creation;
– Collaborative working;
– Organisational culture;
– Third-generation KM;
– Knowledge sharing;
– Leadership and change;
– Management strategies;
– Innovation;

We also include feedback from thousands of interviews and meetings with those people currently facing, and engaging with, the challenge of KM, presenting their combined experience in a practical reference source for you and your organisation.
Next Generation Knowledge Management draws on the expertise of Jerry Ash, author, and founder and chief executive of the Association of Knowledgework (AOK), and the editorial team behind Ark Group’s industry leading Inside Knowledge magazine.
For years, thousands of individuals around the world have had access to the combined experiences of Ark Group and AOK in the KM field, through publications, conferences and exhibitions, and discussion forums. This report integrates these efforts into one practical unit.
Next Generation Knowledge Management is a unique, uncompromising examination of the practical considerations that influence the success of knowledge management in a corporate context – from dealing with cultural issues and securing senior-management support, to selecting the most appropriate KM tools and maximising the return on your investment.

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