Understand the factors that measure Knowledge Management Systems success

[German title: Die Faktoren mit denen man den Erfolg von Wissensmanagementsystemen mißt verstehen]

Measuring KMS success: A respecification of the DeLone and McLean’s model
Jen-Her Wua and Yu-Min Wang
Information & Management
Volume 43, Issue 6 , September 2006, Pages 728-739

Abstract: We proposed and empirically assessed a KMS success model. This was derived through an analysis of current practice of knowledge management and review of IS success literature. Five variables (system quality, knowledge or information quality, perceived KMS benefits, user satisfaction, and system use) were used as dependent variables in evaluating KMS success, and their interrelationships were suggested and empirically tested. The results provide an expanded understanding of the factors that measure KMS success and implications of this work are discussed.

Keywords: Knowledge management; Knowledge management system; Information system success; System quality; Knowledge or information quality; Perceived KMS benefits; User satisfaction; System use

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