Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, 13 (3), 2006

Mining in Anticipation for Concept Change: Proactive-Reactive Prediction in Data Streams
p. 261
Ying Yang, Xindong Wu, Xingquan Zhu

Accelerated EM-based clustering of large data sets
p. 291
Jakob J. Verbeek, Jan R. J. Nunnink, Nikos Vlassis

Learning Semi-Structured Document Categorization Using Bounded-Length Spectrum Sub-Sequence Kernels
p. 309
Olivier de Vel

Characteristic-Based Clustering for Time Series Data
p. 335
Xiaozhe Wang, Kate Smith, Rob Hyndman

Scalable Clustering Algorithms with Balancing Constraints
p. 365
Arindam Banerjee, Joydeep Ghosh

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