12 steps to Knowledge Management success – The Source for KM Professionals, October 2006

[German title: 12 Schritte zum Erfolg im Wissensmanagement – The Source for KM Professionals, October 2006]

The Source for KM Professionals, October 2006.

12 Steps to KM success

The following is a 12-step framework providing thought-provoking ideas and questions that practitioners can consider in the context of their own programs.

1. Value Proposition; 2 .Strategic Alignment; 3. Organizational Structure; 4. Managing performance; 5. Cultural sensitivity; 6. Technology; 7. Knowledge creation; 8. Knowledge structure; 9. Knowledge review; 10. Knowledge reuse; 11. Knowledge base vitality; 12. Environmental scanning

Adapted from “12 Steps to KM success, in the September/October 2006 issue of KM Review. To contact Simon Walker at CPR, click here.

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