A conceptual model of knowledge/information search and transfer

[German title: Ein konzeptionelles Modell der Wissen-/Informations-suche und -übertragung]

Deriving managerial benefit from knowledge search: A paradigm shift?
William R. King,  and William J. Lekse 
Information & Management
Volume 43, Issue 7 , October 2006, Pages 874-883
Abstract: A conceptual model of knowledge/information (K/I) search and transfer was developed; it was based on three concepts: managers’ preferences for internal versus external sources, the importance of relationships between sources and recipients, and the derived managerial benefit. The results of an empirical study demonstrated a high degree of explained variance in managerial benefit and suggested managers’ preferences for external sources over internal ones. They also supported the notion that managers use internal, known knowledge search to enhance their reputation and status. These results suggested a shift away from the conventional wisdom of internal preference that is reflected in theories of in-group favoritism and out-group derogation.

Keywords: Knowledge transfer; Knowledge search; Knowledge management; Knowledge seeking; External versus internal sources; Knowledge acquisition; Knowledge selection

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