British Journal of Educational Technology, 37 (6), 2006 (Special Issue: Collaborative e-support for lifelong learning)

[German title: British Journal of Educational Technology, 37 (6), 2006 (Spezialausgabe: Kollaborative e-Unterstützung für lebenslanges Lernen)]

817  Collaborative e-support for lifelong learning
Sara de Freitas, Jill Jameson


825  An unfinished symphony: 21st century teacher education using knowledge creating heutagogies
Jean Ashton, Linda Newman
841  The impact of membership of a virtual learning community on individual learning careers and professional identity
Barbara Allan, Dina Lewis

853  Joining up the episodes of lifelong learning: A regional transition project
Elizabeth Hartnell-Young, Angela Smallwood, Sandra Kingston, Philip Harley

867  The development of a system for supporting the lifelong learner
Sara de Freitas, Ian Harrison, George Magoulas, Adrian Mee, Fitri Mohamad, Martin Oliver, George Papamarkos, Alexandra Poulovassilis

881  Knowledge matchmaking in Learning Networks: Alleviating the tutor load by mutually connecting Learning Network users
Peter van Rosmalen, Peter Sloep, Francis Brouns, Liesbeth Kester, Malik Koné, Rob Koper

897  Facilitating interpersonal evaluation of knowledge in a context of distributed team collaboration
Piritta Leinonen, Sanna Järvelä

917  Collaborative mentor support in a learning context using a ubiquitous discussion forum to facilitate knowledge sharing for lifelong learning
Fu-Hsiang Wei, Gwo-Dong Chen

937  Supporting students to develop collaborative learning skills in technology-based environments
Anne Nevgi, Päivi Virtanen, Hannele Niemi

949  Building trust and shared knowledge in communities of e-learning practice: collaborative leadership in the JISC eLISA and CAMEL lifelong learning projects
Jill Jameson, Gill Ferrell, Jacquie Kelly, Simon Walker, Malcolm Ryan

969  Collaborative innovation in the Joint Information Systems Committee distributed e-learning programme
Jill Jameson, Sarah Davies, Sara de Freitas

973  Changing higher education – Paul Ashwin
974  Audience response systems in higher education – Edited by David A Banks
975  Technology, e-learning and distance education – A W (Tony) Bates
976  Higher education in the internet age – Patricia Senn Breivik & E Gordon Gee
977  Innovative assessment in higher education – Cordelia Bryan & Karen Clegg
978  Teaching and learning English literature – Ellie Chambers & Marshall Gregory
978  Technology-mediated narrative environments for learning – Edited by Giuliana Dettori et al
980  Strategies for sustainable open and distance learning – Andrea Hope & Patrick Guiton
980  Technology, literacy and learning – Carey Jewitt
981  Education in cyberspace – Edited by Ray Land & Siân Bayne
982  SPSS for intermediate statistics – Nancy L Leech et al
983  Perfect presentations! – Peter Levin & Graham Topping
983  E-learning groups and communities – David McConnell
985  Popular culture, new media and digital literacy – Edited by Jackie Marsh
985  Innovations in instructional technology – Edited by J Michael Spector et al
986  Creative ICT in the classroom
987  Teaching international students – Edited by Jude Carroll & Janette Ryan
987  Lifelong learning and the new educational order – John Field
988  Professional standards for teachers and school leaders – Edited by Howard Green
988  Blended learning and online tutoring – Janet Macdonald
989  Understanding curriculum – William F Pinar et al
989  International baccalaureate diploma programme – Edited by Tim Pound
990  Action research – Bridget Somekh
990  Network learning for educational change – Wiel Veugelers & Mary John O’Hair

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