Call for Papers: International Conference on Knowledge Management in Nuclear Facilities

[German title: Aufruf für Artikel-Beiträge: International Conference on Knowledge Management in Nuclear Facilities]

International Conference on Knowledge Management in Nuclear Facilities, 18-21 June 2007, Vienna, Austria

In recent years, new issues have emerged in Member States, including ageing facilities and personnel, nuclear phase-out policies, the expectation of nuclear growth in some regions and the objective to further improve the economic competitiveness of nuclear energy, while maintaining a high level of safety.
Awareness of the importance of nuclear knowledge management in addressing the challenges the industry is facing has grown significantly, both in the industry and in regulatory authorities, and a large number of projects is underway. Knowledge management is becoming an important element of the organizational behaviour of the nuclear industry.
In 2002, the IAEA General Conference adopted a new resolution on Nuclear Knowledge, emphasizing the importance of nuclear knowledge management. The resolution was reiterated in subsequent years. The conference is organized in response to those resolutions, also following the first conference on Nuclear Knowledge Management – Strategies, Information Management and Human Resource Development, organized by the Agency in 2004 in France.
Concise papers on issues falling within the topics outlined in the section above may be submitted as contributions to the conference. All papers, apart from invited papers, must present original work; they should not have been published elsewhere.

(a) Submission of synopses
Persons who wish to present a paper or poster at the conference must submit an extended synopsis (in English) of 800 words (i.e. two A4 format pages of single spaced typing or the equivalent, including any tables or diagrams and a few pertinent references) together with the completed Form for Submission of a Paper (Form B) and the Participation Form (Form A). The extended synopsis and the forms must be sent to the competent official authority (see Section 13) for transmission to the IAEA in time for them to be received by the IAEA by 22 January 2007. In addition, the synopsis should be sent electronically to the Scientific Secretariat, Mr. Nixon Pereppadan, email: The synopsis should give enough information on the contents of the proposed paper to enable the selection committee to evaluate it. Introductory and general matters should not be included.

Authors are urged to make use of the following Extended Synopsis Template in Word 2000: …

Go to the conference website for further instructions.

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