Cross-Functional Knowledge Creation in the Product Innovation Process

[German title: Wissensschaffung im Produktinnovationsprozess durch das Zusammenwirken mehrerer Funktionsbereiche]

Hänninen, Seppo & Kauranen, Ilkka (2006)
A Multidimensional Product-Concept Model Enhancing Cross-Functional Knowledge Creation in the Product Innovation Process: The Case of the Suunto t6 Training Wrist Computer.
Creativity and Innovation Management 15 (4), 400-409.
doi: 10.1111/j.1467-8691.2006.00409.x

Abstract: This article presents a four-dimensional product-concept model enhancing cross-functional knowledge creation in product innovation: the dimensions presented in the new model are: technology, end-user, brand and business logic. The application of the model is described in the case study of the Suunto t6 training wrist computer. For the Suunto t6 development it was revealed that cross-functional knowledge creation had happened on an even larger scale than expected. Analysis of the results suggests that certain dimensions of the product concept can be especially indicative of cross-functional knowledge creation, such as concern with the end-user’s experience. Furthermore, the new product concept may provide an early warning of innovation-based diversification. Nicknames for the product concept under development, which requires the verbalisation of tacit subjective associations, can be used as indicators of cross-functional integration within the organization and as suitable indicators of tacit knowledge. Measurement of all relevant organizational capabilities is discussed.

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