Emerald Now 10/2006 on the semantic web

[German title: Emerald Now 10/2006 über das semantische Web]

EMERALD NOW – October 2006 –
Theme: Visions of the Web

Spotlight Interview
In this issue of Spotlight, Sir Timothy Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web, talks to editor Sarah Powell about the development and potential power of the Semantic Web.
Editorial – Visions of the web
The World Wide Web is an extraordinary creation. The very description ‘world wide’ is far more evocative than ‘global’ could ever be, conjuring up as it does the image of a continuously evolving, growing, spreading network of accessible information, leading the Web far beyond its original goal of sharing research resources.

To expand further on some of the issues raised in this month’s Spotlight interview we have focused on four articles drawn from three different journal titles.

Spinning the Semantic Web
Sasikumar Mukundan
On the Horizon ; 2: 12 2004; pp. 74-78
Keywords: Communications, Technology-led Strategy, World Wide Web
Article Type: Conceptual Paper/Viewpoint

Advances in the development of semantic e-business
Brian H. Rudall, C.J.H. Mann
Kybernetes; 35: 5 2006; pp. 613-615
Keywords: Automation, Computers, Cybernetics, Research, Systems Analysis, Technology-led Strategy
Article Type: Technical Paper

Social networking on the Semantic Web
Tim Finin, Li Ding, Lina Zhou, Anupam Joshi
The Learning Organization ; 12: 5 2005; pp. 418-435
Keywords: Information Networks, Internet, Social Networks
Article Type: Research Paper

Semantic Web technologies for digital libraries
York Sure, Rudi Studer
Library Management ; 26: 4/5 2005; pp. 190-195
Keywords: Digital Libraries, Generation and Dissemination of Information, Internet
Article Type: General Review

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