Knowledge-Based Systems, 19 (7), 2006 (Special: Creative Systems)

[German title: Knowledge-Based Systems, Jahrgang 19, Ausgabe 7, 2006, Spezialausgabe: Kreative Systeme (Translate text to: Deutsch)]

Knowledge-Based Systems
Volume 19, Issue 7, Pages 447-616 (November 2006) 
Special Issue: Creative Systems
Edited by F. Amélcar Cardoso and Carlos Bento 


Creative Systems 447-448
Carlos Bento and Amı´lcar Cardoso


A preliminary framework for description, analysis and comparison of creative systems 449-458
Geraint A. Wiggins

Experiments with free concept generation in Divago 459-470
Francisco C. Pereira and Amílcar Cardoso

An analogy-oriented type hierarchy for linguistic creativity 471-479
Tony Veale

The importance of retrieval in creative design analogies 480-488
Paulo Gomes, Nuno Seco, Francisco C. Pereira, Paulo Paiva, Paulo Carreiro, José L. Ferreira and Carlos Bento

Ontology languages for the semantic web: A never completely updated review 489-497
J.R.G. Pulido, M.A.G. Ruiz, R. Herrera, E. Cabello, S. Legrand and D. Elliman

A semantic validation of conceptual graphs  498-510
Juliette Dibie-Barthélemy, Ollivier Haemmerlé and Eric Salvat

Combining decision tree and Naive Bayes for classification  511-515
Li-Min Wang, Xiao-Lin Li, Chun-Hong Cao and Sen-Miao Yuan

Knowledge based representation and operations assessment of space transportation system architectures 516-523
Alex J. Ruiz-Torres, Edgar Zapata, Kazuo Nakatani and Marcella Cowen

Platform-based product design and development: A knowledge-intensive support approach  524-543
Xuan F. Zha and Ram D. Sriram

Predicting football results using Bayesian nets and other machine learning techniques  544-553
A. Joseph, N.E. Fenton and M. Neil

Dynamic multicast routing algorithm for delay and delay variation-bounded Steiner tree problem  554-564
Zhang Kun, Qi Yong and Zhang Hong

The application of knowledge-based techniques to the monitoring of computers in a large heterogeneous distributed environment  565-575
Peter L. Jones and Alan Harrison

Analyzing and evaluating dynamics in stide performance for intrusion detection  576-591
Zhuowei Li and Amitabha Das

Reasoning about attitudes of complaining customers   592-615
Boris Galitsky

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