Knowledge Management Research & Practice, 4 (3), 2006

John S Edwards 173-174

Knowledge sharing and team trustworthiness: it’s all about social ties!
Jaw-Kai Wang, Melanie Ashleigh and Edgar Meyer  175-186

Using peer-to-peer technology for collaborative knowledge management: concepts, frameworks and research issues
Saurabh Gupta and Robert Bostrom 187-196

Supporting complex problems: an examination of Churchman’s inquirers as a knowledge management foundation
Todd A Peachey and Dianne J Hall 197-206

Multiple intelligence theory, knowledge identification and trust
Joyce Martin 207-215

Linking intellectual capital and knowledge management: an analysis of Kyoto and Detroit
Denise J Luethge and Philippe Byosiere 216-226

Understanding the complexity of human characteristics on e-learning systems: an integrated study of dynamic individual differences on user perceptions of ease of use
Ashok Jashapara and Wei-Chun Tai 227-239

Activating quasi-organizational memory in environmental scenario building
Adele Celino and Grazia Concilio 240-249

Eysenck’s advice: why and when to define knowledge
Heiner Mueller-Merbach 250-251


Knowledge Management and Higher Education: A Critical Analysis
Jeffrey W Alstete 252-253

Trust: Reason, Routine, Reflexivity
Reviewed by John B Kidd 254-255

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© 2006 Palgrave Macmillan Ltd.

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