KnowledgeBoard Newsletter #140, 10/2006

Note: unfortunately no longer exists. However some of the content is still available via the WayBackMachine

KnowledgeBoard #140 – 5 October 2006 – Your Global KM Community


Call for KnowledgeBoard content

The emerging networked workspace

New expert group on fostering innovation in services


Outsourcing in the networked marketplace: Assessing ‘invisible’
knowledge and informal relationships
By Dr. Frank D. Behrend & Christian Kastrup

A different approach to information and knowledge management
By Alain Tihon

A theoretical introduction to complexity
By Dr. Alessia Ferraresi


KM Asia 2006, 7-9 November 2006, Singapore

Online Information 2006, 28-30 November, London


* Communications and KM

* A survey: Knowledge sources, knowledge type and knowledge

* What is the meaning of ‘socio-cultural aspect on knowledge

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