Knowledge-based clusters and local innovative capacity in Brazil

[German title: Wissensbasierter Verband von Betrieben und lokale Innovationskapazität in Brasilien]

Enhancing competencies in high technology companies: a Brazilian knowledge-based cluster
Marly Monteiro De Carvalho and Fernando Jose Barbin Laurindo
International Journal of Management and Decision Making 
Issue: Volume 7, Number 6 / 2006 
Pages: 617 – 627 

Abstract: Knowledge-Based (KB) firms are playing a fundamental role to the economic development of regions and countries. Based on many international experiences, a series of governmental programmes and policies has been undertaken in Brazil aiming at supporting the development of KB companies and clusters. These companies focus on new product and process development and emphasise partnership, mainly with universities and other companies in the same cluster. To investigate the relationship among KB companies and the local innovative capacity, the adopted methodological approach encompasses secondary data collection; exploratory study and case studies. The map of competitive environment was based on secondary data collection and analysis. An exploratory study has been performed to find the main characteristics of entrepreneurs and firms through interviews with enterprises owners, researchers and also the coordinator of the local Science Park. Finally, three case studies were done in companies located in a region of Sao Paulo state.

Keywords: clusters, knowledge-based firms, competitive strategy, new product development, NPD, high technology firms, high tech firms, firm competencies, Brazil, innovation, entrepreneurship
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