Best Practices in Enterprise Knowledge Management 2006

[German title: Beste Methoden im organisationalen Wissensmanagement 2006 (Translate text to: Deutsch)]

KMWorld Best Practice White Papers Series:
“Best Practices in Enterprise Knowledge Management”
Vol V [November/December 2006]

Passing the Cringe Test Has Knowledge Management Made It to Prime Time?
by Andy Moore
Once upon a time, saying the words “knowledge management” was the fastest way to get thrown out of a meeting. And not only would you be ejected, you would never be invited back.

People Judge Relevance. Machines Calculate Evidence
by Paul Sonderegger
Does the man make the machine? Or the machine make the man? A pilot can’t fly without a plane. A doctor can’t diagnose without a centrifuge.

How to Correctly Design and Implement a Dashboard
by Daryl Orts
A Step-by-Step Guide A dashboard is a vital tool for monitoring the daily health of your organization. From a single interface, decision makers have access to key performance indicators (KPIs)

Building the Search Center of Excellence
by Hadley Reynolds , Silvija Seres
Search is strategic; however, the strategic potential of search is not captured by the act of acquiring a powerful search platform alone. Pioneering firms are now developing a new kind of management approach to help deliver maximum value across multiple search-driven applications: the “search center of excellence.” It is a structured approach, utilizing a focused cross-functional team, and it is emerging as a practical tool to drive search innovation and deliver high quality online experiences.

Implementing KM: Practitioners Share Best Practices
by Inquira
Most customer service organizations today will admit that effective knowledge transfer is the most crucial element to resolving customer problems.

Mistakes to Avoid and Principles for Success
by Brandon Lackey , Michael Behounek
Knowledge Management through Portals Many organizations today still struggle to get value from their knowledge management (KM) efforts. Even companies that have been benchmarked as the “best practice” can easily fall

Knowledge is Power Best Practices in Semantics Management
by Jeff Dirks
Knowledge is power. Though said in the 16th century by author and philosopher, Sir Francis Bacon, the meaning of the phrase is even more applicable today as companies around the world are dealing with an overwhelming amount of data

Answering Customers’ Questions the Intelligent Way
by Anand Chopra
The Importance of Multiple Search Methodologies Enterprises face a difficult challenge when it comes to simultaneously improving the quality of customer service and reducing service costs. More products, growing product complexity and rapid change substantially increase the amounts of information…

Knowledge at the Point of Decision
What a Robot Really Want A small, two-legged robot stands atop a glass-topped coffee table. On its two dimensional world, it has to contend with a potted plant, an old TV Guide and several coffee cups..

Enterprise Search: The Foundation for Risk Management
by Laurent Simoneau
If you can’t find it, you can’t manage it. Unfortunately, many executives have discovered this too late in the game—when they face regulatory compliance penalties, legal troubles or a corporate scandal.

Realizing Measurable ROI with Multi-Language Content Management
by Jon Parsons
What is content management worth? That can be a philosophical question. If you ask a content author, you’ll hear about the way content creation and review is made easier

Hosted XML Content Management: Is It Right for You?
by Dan Dube
Publishing organizations have long recognized the value of migrating content to XML to attain the benefits of content reuse, reduced localization costs and single-source publishing..

Who is That “he?” Using Pronouns and Anaphors in Text Extraction
by Gregory F.Roberts
Text extraction is a powerful tool to find and categorize elements in unstructured documents. These elements, or entities, are connected together to form the relationships, facts and events…

Beyond First Call Resolution Diagnostic and Measurement Practices for KM
by Andrew Cohen, Ph.D.,

The Hidden Costs of Product Information Publishing
Manufacturing enterprises have placed a sustained focus on information management solutions to support and augment the design, development and production process.

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