Emerald Now article on knowledge cities

[German title: Emerald Now Artikel über Städte des Wissens]

EMERALD NOW – November 2006,
The role of HEIs in regional development

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Our second article focuses on the upper level of knowledge cities of the world, which it analyses in terms of research output in total and for the three disciplines: biotechnology, information and communications technology, and nanotechnology. Notes that the concept of knowledge in regional and urban competition is generally recognized although relations between urban and regional economic growth and knowledge level are far from clear.

World cities of knowledge: Research strength, networks and nodality
Christian Wichmann Matthiessen, Annette Winkel Schwarz, Søren Find
Journal of Knowledge Management; 10: 5 2006; pp. 14-25
Keywords: Cities, Knowledge Management
Article Type: Research Paper

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