Success factors for knowledge-sharing and innovation

[German title: Erfolgsfaktoren für Wissensteilung und Innovation]

A learning organization perspective on knowledge-sharing behavior and firm innovation
Li-Fen Liao
Human Systems Management, Volume 25, Number 4 / 2006: 227 – 236 

Abstract: Sharing knowledge and firm innovation are the crucial ways to sustain competitive advantage. This study builds a nested model to test the relationship between learning organization, knowledge-sharing behavior, and firm innovation.
Data gathered from 254 employees were used to examine the relationship of the learning organization to employees’ knowledge-sharing behavior and firm innovation. The results indicate that open-mindedness, shared vision and trust have positive effects on both knowledge-sharing behavior and firm innovation. While commitment to learning does not shows significant relationship on knowledge-sharing behavior and firm innovation. Communication has significance on firm innovation but not significance on knowledge-sharing behavior.

Keywords: Commitment to learning, firm innovation, knowledge-sharing, openmindedness, shared vision

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