Information, Knowledge, Systems Management 5 (3) 2006 – two Knowledge Management articles

[German title: Information, Knowledge, Systems Management 5 (3) 2006 – zwei Artikel über Wissensmanagement]

Knowledge management and knowledge sharing: A review 
pp. 153 – 169 
Cynthia T. Small and Andrew P. Sage 
Abstract: Knowledge Management is one of the major issues in the management of contemporary organizations and enterprises. A review of the knowledge management (KM) literature reveals many different definitions and perspectives on knowledge and knowledge management. Here, we provide an overview of some of this discourse along with descriptions of KM models and frameworks that can be used to guide KM initiatives. Knowledge sharing, critical to creation of knowledge and organizational performance, is often addressed under the umbrella of KM. We provide a survey of recent literature and progress in both of these areas.

Knowledge management in a collaborative business framework  pp. 171 – 187 
Sameer Kumar and Ganesh Thondikulam 
Abstract: Knowledge Management (KM) is a newly emerging, interdisciplinary business model that has knowledge within the framework of trading partners as its focus. It is rooted in many disciplines, including business, economics, psychology and information management. Knowledge management involves people, process and technology in overlapping parts. It helps in building a competitive advantage for today’s firm. Examples of two companies that successfully implemented knowledge management are presented. …

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