International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital, 3 (3), 2006

Towards a model of intellectual capital in public administrations  pp. 214 – 232 
Eduardo Bueno Campos, Mari Paz Salmador, Carlos Merino 
Intellectual capital: origin and evolution  pp. 233 – 248 
S. Pike, L. Boldt-Christmas, G. Roos 
Making sense of knowledge transfer and IC measurement in clusters: the missing point  pp. 249 – 267 
Jose Luis Hervas-Oliver and Juan Ignacio Dalmau Porta 
Understanding the intellectual capital statements: a case study of Infosys Technologies Ltd.  pp. 268 – 292 
G. Bharathi Kamath 
Intellectual capital reporting at universities – the Austrian approach  pp. 293 – 309 
Birgit Renzl 
Values revisited  pp. 310 – 322 
Gulgun Kayakutlu and Muge Iseri 
The role of teams, reputations and culture in effecting knowledge transfer  pp. 323 – 338 
Leyland M. Lucas 

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