Knowledge-Based Systems, 19 (8), 2006

Proposition of common classifier construction for pattern recognition with context task  617-624
Michal Wozniak

Intelligent index selection for case-based reasoning  625-638
Mykola Galushka and David Patterson

Using object and trajectory analysis to facilitate indexing and retrieval of video  639-646
Carlos Lopez and Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen

A knowledge-based approach to merging information  647-674
Anthony Hunter and Rupert Summerton

Research on decision tree induction from self-map space based on web  675-680
Shuyu Zhang and Zhongying Zhu

Experimenting with prototype system DLVK via different approach  681-686
Asim Ali Shah

Iconic pictorial retrieval using multiple attributes and spatial relationships  687-695
Sam Y. Sung and Tianming Hu

Interactive relevance feedback mechanism for image retrieval using rough set  696-703
Yu Wang, Mingyue Ding, Chengping Zhou and Ying Hu

Automatic vectorization of segmented road networks by geometrical and topological analysis of high resolution binary images  704-718
J.B. Mena

Adaptive self-organized maps based on bidirectional approximate reasoning and its applications to information filtering  719-729
Y. Liu

Use of Elvira’s explanation facility for debugging probabilistic expert systems  730-738
Carmen Lacave, Agnieszka Oniśko and Francisco J. Díez

Novel measurement for mining effective association rules  739-743
Jin-Mao Wei, Wei-Guo Yi and Ming-Yang Wang

Ontology based text indexing and querying for the semantic web  744-754
Jacob Köhler, Stephan Philippi, Michael Specht and Alexander Rüegg

Research on auto-reasoning process planning using a knowledge based semantic net  755-764
Yongtao Hao

A new relational learning system using novel rule selection strategies  765-771
Mahmut Uludag and Mehmet R. Tolun

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