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  • This website is a very personal website that is primarily a resource for the Gurteen Knowledge Community

    (tags: Consultings Communities Portals)

  • From 1998 through 2001 Knowledge Management magazine was the premier print publication about the business of managing knowledge, with cutting edge-features on culture, process and technology to extensive case studies, conversations and practical reports …

    (tags: Journals/Magazines)

  • An online forum on Communities of Practice

    (tags: DiscussionGroups)

  • Knowledge Jolt is a knowledge management consultancy with an expertise in tying together business and technology. We will work closely with you to understand your needs and goals and provide guidance and assistance in developing the right business proces …

    (tags: Weblogs Consultings)

  • Covering the latest in Content, Document and Knowledge Management

    (tags: Journals/Magazines)

  • An independent thinker, researcher, consultant, author, and speaker. Mostly known for his work on communities of practice, considering himself a social learning theorist more generally.

    (tags: Consultings)

  • We are a self-moderating global community thinking and collaborating on subjects around (but not limited to) Knowledge Management and Innovation in the worlds of business and academia.

    (tags: Communities Portals Events DiscussionGroups)

  • Das Know-Center ist Österreichs Kompetenzzentrum für Wissensmanagement und versteht sich als IT-Innovationsschmiede an der Schnittstelle zwischen Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft. Seit seiner Gründung im Jahr 2001 entwickelt das Know-Center hoch innovative …

    (tags: Consultings Research Conferences)

  • Wissenslandkarte über Themen bei der KnowTech 2004.

    (tags: Glossaries Conferences)

  • ITtoolbox is an online community of professionals who share practical information on IT topics. This community enables anyone to access the collective knowledge of a worldwide audience of experienced professionals. In doing so, ITtoolbox satisfies the …

    (tags: Portals Weblogs Wikis Jobs DiscussionGroups)

  • Provider of knowledge management and information management services (Recruitment, Information Solutions)

    (tags: Consultings Jobs)

  • Green Chameleon started out in May 2000 as a personal website of Patrick Lambe. Patrick is Principal Consultant at knowledge management consulting firm Straits Knowledge.

    (tags: Portals Weblogs Consultings)

  • Using principles derived from living systems theory, Verna and her colleagues help companies evolve management thinking and practices to support increasing levels of complexity and create successful value networks …

    (tags: Consultings)

  • Written by KM professionals, specifically to help you overcome these challenges. That is why many of the world’s leading organizations use Inside Knowledge magazine as a practical guide to extracting the maximum value from their intellectual assets.

    (tags: Journals/Magazines)

  • Since 1968 the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) has become a respected a forum for the substantive interchange of ideas in all areas of information systems and technology.

    (tags: Conferences)

  • A bimonthly web-based journal targeted to the needs expressed by knowledge management practitioners for tangible tools and methods to ensure successful strategies and implementation of knowledge management initiatives.

    (tags: Journals/Magazines)

  • “There are very few books written by actual practitioners, and this is one of them. A fine place to start one’s KM education” Larry Prusak

    (tags: Books DiscussionGroups Consultings)

  • APQC is a member-based nonprofit that provides benchmarking and best-practice research for approximately 500 organizations worldwide in all industries.

    (tags: Societies/Assoc. Portals)

  • As a non-profit member (volunteer) driven society looking to build community around the field of KM, we have conducted surveys and interviewed members to determine areas of interest. We have discovered that our shared interests centre around building a …

    (tags: Communities Weblogs)

  • KIN is a community linking business practitioners from industry leading organisations, world-class researchers and some of the world’s leading experts in knowledge management and innovation.

    (tags: Communities Research)

  • Von deutschsprachigen Hochschullehrern und Unternehmenspraktikern zur Foerderung des WM in Theorie und Praxis gegruendet. Sie verbindet die am WM Interessierten im deutschen Sprachraum und pflegt die internationale Z

    usammenarbeit auf diesem Gebiet.

    (tags: Societies/Assoc.)

  • The ultimate aim is to prepare wikipedia entries on key KM concepts, develop topic and concept maps of this exciting domain

    (tags: Wikis)

  • Widmet sich als erstes Periodikum im deutschen Sprachraum ausschließlich dem umfassenden Themenbereich des Wissensmanagements.Im Vordergrund steht der Wandel von der reinen Industrie- zur immer komplexer werdenden Informations- und Wissensgesellschaft. …

    (tags: Journals/Magazines)

  • Das Internetportal “WM als Innovationsmotor” moechte mit seinem Werkzeugkasten einen ersten Schritt ins WM ermoeglichen, Tools und Instrumente, als auch Ansprechpartner und Initiativen fuer einen ersten Einstieg zusammen zu fuehren. Gleichzeitig wird ueber die aktuellen Ergebnisse aus den Projektförderungen “Wissensmedia”, “Fit für den Wissenswettbewerb” und “Referenzbeispielen von bewaehrten WM-Loesungen” berichtet.

    (tags: Portals Glossaries Education)

  • Chris Collison – a recognised expert in knowledge management and organisational learning and an experienced practitioner in the leadership and implementation of change from a people perspective.

    (tags: Consultings)

  • Geoff Parcell’s knowledge management consultancy

    (tags: Consultings)

  • The actKM Forum is a not-for-profit learning community dedicated to building and sharing knowledge about public sector knowledge management, and contributing to improved public sector performance through effective management of knowledge and information …

    (tags: Communities Conferences Journals/Magazines Awards DiscussionGroups Portals)

  • A global community of knowledge-driven organizations dedicated to networking, benchmarking and sharing best practices leading to superior performance.

    (tags: Communities Consultings Awards)

  • IIIKM will act as a knowledge factory; establishing its foundations on extensive research through collaboration with the Public and Private Sectors locally as well as internationally.

    (tags: Consultings Research Education)

  • The World’s No. 1 Resource for Business Technology Management and Knowledge Management

    (tags: Portals DiscussionGroups)

  • Thinking collectively about experiences often provides insights that are not available to the individual. At Synchroni we use this principle of additive brainpower, bringing groups of practitioners together to explore the major issues of how knowledge …

    (tags: Communities Consultings)

  • A Singapore-based consulting and research firm focused on knowledge, learning and innovation.

    (tags: Consultings)

  • The aim of this site is to provide the best available evidence and practical examples of health professionals successfully sharing and applying knowledge and experience to their daily activities.

    (tags: Portals)

  • The place to gain insights into the networked knowledge economy and help in creating successful knowledge management and Internet commerce strategies. By David Skyrme Associates.

    (tags: Portals Consultings)

  • The Knowledge Management Group (KMG) was formed to address the needs of area organizations in managing knowledge assets. Knowledge assets include intellectual capital (e.g., what employees know, patents), procedural knowledge contained in documents and ad

    (tags: Communities)

  • Since 1997, KMCI has been offering top-of-the-line knowledge management training courses taught by some of the best known thought leaders in the field.

    (tags: Consultings Education)

  • Cognitive Edge seeks to apply insight from science and the humanities to organisations. The theoretical basis lies in naturalistic sense making, the organisational model is based on the development of an open source approach to consultancy methods and the

    (tags: Consultings Research)

  • Get the latest news and resources about Knowledge Management and related fields

    (tags: Weblogs)

  • Active KMLF chapters exist in Sydney and Melbourne and have for sometime conducted regular group participation to address and discuss issues regarding knowledge management.

    (tags: Communities Portals)

  • The Institute is a business-oriented think-tank, applied knowledge technology lab, and powerful knowledge network. We provide education, research, consulting and advisory services, for the profitable application of knowledge management to business.

    (tags: Consultings Education Research)

  • A consultancy on Collective Intelligence. Research on four domains of innovation: SOCIAL, BSINESS, KNOWLEDGE, TECHNICAL

    (tags: Consultings Research)

  • Eine Initiative der Commerzbank in Z

    usammenarbeit mit impulse

    (tags: Awards)

  • Die KnowTech ist als Anwenderforum Wissensmanagement konzipiert. Sie richtet sich an Praktiker des Wissensmanagements und Entscheidungsträger vorrangig aus Unternehmen und Organisationen aller Branchen sowie aus öffentlichen Verwaltungen und umfasst …

    (tags: Conferences)


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