Knowledge Management Review, 9 (5), 2006

In this issue, we look at organizations that have recognized knowledge as a key ingredient to success, from engineering to law firms to telecommunications, and refocused to become knowledge-centric – with some fantastic results. As our lead feature and following on from his introduction in the last issue’s Profile column, Blake Melnick, chief knowledge officer and chief operating officer at Atlantis Systems International, describes the complete re-engineering of the organization and its transformation from 2004, when the company was facing hard times, to 2006 when it has re-emerged fitter, stronger and smarter than ever before in its 30 years of business. Meeting the needs of an ever-changing marketplace In Delivering market-leading support at Lucent, Simon Walker, principal consultant for global telecommunications firm Lucent Technologies, explains his recent work across the European customer support division. With an ever-changing marketplace and rapidly increasing product and services portfolio, the support team needed a new method of working to increase efficiency.


  • Knowledge Management: Eternal optimisim and unlimited energy
  • Walking towards mass buy-in at Pratt & Whitney Rocketydne
  • Using wikis for collaboration and KM at BT
  • The difficulties of measuring KM
  • Using KM as a foundation for change at Atlantis
  • Maximizing organizational knowledge at Linklaters
  • Delivering market-leading support at Lucent
  • Capitalizing on internal expertise at Orange
  • Implementing a knowledge retention strategy

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