Knowledge transfer in China

[German title: Wissenstransfer in China]

Knowledge transfer practices in multinational corporations in China’s information technology industry
Yuwen Liu Assistant Professor, David J. Pucel Professor, Kenneth R. Bartlett Associate Professor
Human Resource Development International 
Publisher:   Routledge, part of the Taylor & Francis Group 
Issue:   Volume 9, Number 4 / December 2006 
Pages:   529 – 552 
DOI:   10.1080/13678860601032635 

Abstract: The goals of this study were to explore existing practices used to facilitate knowledge transfer in MNCs in the information technology industry in China, and to investigate the frequency of use and the influence of each practice on knowledge transfer. In addition, this study examined which types of knowledge could be transferred by a given practice. The study used a two-stage method that included two surveys. The first survey was designed to develop an inclusive list of knowledge transfer practices. Thirty-three practices were identified in the first survey. The second survey found: 1) the frequency of use and the influence on knowledge transfer varied from one practice to another; 2) MNCs frequently used those practices with higher influence on knowledge transfer; 3) certain practices are better suited in transferring certain types of knowledge.

Keywords: Knowledge transfer, knowledge transfer practices, multinational corporations

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