KnowledgeBoard Newsletter #142, 11/2006

Note: unfortunately no longer exists. However some of the content is still available via the WayBackMachine

KnowledgeBoard #142 – 02 November 2006 – Your Global KM Community

Dave Snowden star guest at the 3rd Contactivity event in Israel

Verna Allee online event

Space SIG starts publishing a series of articles around intellectual property and data privacy law


Theoretical introduction to complexity
By Dr. Alessia Ferraresi

A different approach to information and knowledge management
By Alain Tihon

The Watermill Model: A Practical Framework for Diagnosing and Analysing Knowledge Management Issues
By Doron Faran & Christian Kastrup 


Online Information 2006, 28-30 November, London 

New approaches to learning – with and without the ‘e’

Register now: UnBla.07, 24 -26 January 2007 

The 3rd KnowledgeBoard Contactivity Event           
A Nomad Exploration Tour, Israel, 29th-30th November 2006  


* Is KM going down?

* Does anyone have or can share KM practices?

* Survey of UK local government organisations 

More discussions: 

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