ManagementFirst Newsletter, November 2006 – Cost- and Healthcare Knowledge management

[German title: ManagementFirst Newsletter, November 2006 – Kosten- und Gesundheits-Wissensmanagement]

ManagementFirst Newsletter, November 2006

Most relevant:

Knowledge Management
Investigating management of knowledge
The proposed framework enhances the quality of a firm’s competencies and skills assessment and allows a better understanding of “what” it should do in order to sustain or acquire a competitive advantage.

Healthcare Management
Sharing good practice: KM in action
Communicating good practice in clinical governance involves acknowledging that good work exists across the NHS (despite the negative attention the Service often receives) and sharing it with other organizations so they too can learn from those experiences.

Table of Contents

  • You get the behaviour you reward
  • Lars Thomassen: retailing and brands
  • Book review: The World Café
    Leslie Gaines-Ross on CEO reputation for corporate success
  • Teams in different situations – Richard Harris
  • Investigating management of knowledge for competitive advantage
  • Sharing good practice: knowledge in action
  • Peter Kelly: Financial inclusion at Barclays
  • Integrating quality function deployment (QFD) and benchmarking
  • The principalship: how significant is mentoring?

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