Call for Papers: E.C.L.O. Conference 2007, Glasgow

[German title: Aufruf für Artikel-Beiträge: E.C.L.O. Konferenz 2007, Glasgow (Translate text to: Deutsch)]

E.C.L.O. Conference 2007 – 14th International Conference of the European Consortium for the Learning Organisation
Glasgow Caledonian University Business School, Glasgow Scotland, from 30th May to 1st June.

Learning Organisations in the 21st Century Reflecting, Refining and Reshaping an Essential Strategy

Friday 22nd December 2006

It is now sixteen years since Peter Senge published his much needed and very popular book “The Fifth Discipline”. The Learning Organisation concept is still very much alive in many organisations, and the thinking of Peter Senge, and those inspired by his ideas, continues to influence the thinking and acting of many managers. However, the world has moved on and the Learning Organisation concept has evolved to meet the challenges of the Knowledge Economy.
E.C.L.O. has been to the fore in stimulating debate and disseminating new ideas over this period, however, the time is now right to pose new questions as to how far the LO-concept should be recast, revitalized, or reinvented to fit the conditions of modern organisations and add value to their coping with new challenges.
We hope and expect that our 2007 conference will prove to be a landmark event in this respect and would welcome your proposed contribution to what is always a stimulating forum for the dissemination of original and challenging ideas.

An E.C.L.O. conference has a unique „feel“ with open dialogue, friendly critique and reflective space, and in it’s desire to avoid death by PowerPoint, is an exciting departure from most conferences and will meet the needs of both practitioners and academics alike. We are planning to run parallel sessions that include

  • standard presentation of papers, for knowledge immersion;
  • workshops, for open dialogue;
  • and some loosely structured sessions with Open Space, Social Network Stimulation and World/Knowledge Café, for knowledge sharing and exploration.

In addition to this we will also be presenting the E.C.L.O. Innovation Awards 2007, for the following categories:

  • E.C.L.O. Academic Award – for the most ground breaking doctoral / academic contribution
  • E.C.L.O. Practitioner Award – for the most pioneering case-study
  • E.C.L.O. Impact Award – for the presentation having the greatest personal impact

Not only will the three winners get the Award but they will also be invited to be included in E.C.L.O.’s post conference edition of their „Learner“ journal, (ISSN – 1378-9031).

As an organisation, E.C.L.O. recognises the value of experience and learning, and seeks to develop theory into practice and practice into theory and as such, contributions can be made in either of the following categories:

  • working and practice papers (only a short summary is needed)
  • refereed and academic papers (abstracts only in first instance)

In keeping with the dynamics and diversity of the Learning Organisation in the 21st century, we seek contributions which will foster discussion and debate along the following interrelated strands :

  • Strategy and Critical Thinking in the Learning Organisation (L.O.)
  • How the principles of the L.O. assist in the acceptance of Knowledge Management initiatives
  • Organisational Culture and Leadership in the L.O.
  • Improving Performance in a L.O., through Integration of Learning and Work
  • The role of the L.O. in Leading Change in a Complex Interdependent World
  • Tools and Techniques to Develop Creativity, Innovation and Learning in an L.O.

E.C.L.O. warmly welcomes submissions from corporate practitioners, consultants, academics and researchers in the hope that together we can improve our understanding of the current challenges facing organisations, and consequently inform and influence future directions and theories.
We are seeking a variety of practical demonstrations from organisations on implementations of L.O. tools and concepts; the lessons they have learnt; and any unresolved issues that they may wish to explore with other delegates. Presentations which pay particular attention to defining the special qualities of learning leadership, and how this influences the outcomes of the learning challenges, will be particularly welcome. In keeping with one of it’s principles of being a Learning Laboratory, E.C.L.O. is interested in providing a forum for organisations and individuals who are experimenting with new ideas or piloting new tools and techniques and wish to gain constructive feedback.
Each session will last for a maximum of 45 minutes (including discussion time) and as part of the programme, we will set aside additional time for networking and knowledge exploration.

For this initial call, we are seeking no more than 200 words indicating your interests, the format or methodology you propose, as well as your contact details. The deadline for this initial expression of interest is Friday 22nd December 2006.

Thereafter all submissions will be assessed by an international committee consisting of representatives from the corporate, academic and consultancy fields. The conference programme will be structured and produced and feedback provided to all those who submitted proposals.
For detailed information download the call (PDF) or go to the E.C.L.O website.

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