Crucial knowledge management concerns regarding technology alliances

[German title: Wichtige Belange bezüglich des Wissensmanagements in Technologieallianzen]

Managing technology alliances: The case for knowledge management
Yukika Awazu
International Journal of Information Management
Volume 26, Issue 6 , December 2006, Pages 484-493

Abstract: Organizations need to form alliances with external entities in order to acquire or access resources outside ones bounds. In recent times, we have seen an increased number of alliances geared towards acquiring technology capabilities. Alliances for technology capabilities include software application licensing agreements, access to technological infrastructure, and accessing technological know-how. While a lot of attention has been paid to the financial, economic, legal, and architectural issues of such arrangements, one dimension has been under debated and discussed—the knowledge component. Knowledge is the critical resource that is exchanged, managed, and integrated, in technology alliances. Managing knowledge in and around technology alliances is of utmost importance if we want to reap the strategic and operational benefits of such engagements. In this case study analysis, we share crucial knowledge management concerns to bear in mind while constructing, governing, and terminating technology alliances.

Keywords: Technology alliances; Knowledge management; Knowledge; Technology

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