Enterprise characteristics determine the adoption of Knowledge Management

[German title: Unternehmensmerkmale bestimmen die Einführung von Wissensmanagement]

Factors affecting knowledge management adoption of Taiwan small and medium-sized enterprises
Ru-Ching Hsu, Diana Lawson, Ting-Peng Liang
International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development 
Issue: Volume 4, Number 1 / 2007 
Pages: 30 – 51 

Abstract: Knowledge Management (KM) has become a critical component for maintaining competitive advantages. Most existing research looks at individual industries or general concepts; few studies have investigated KM use in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). This research empirically investigates factors affecting the adoption of KM. Results indicate that important factors maturing of Information Technology (IT) applications, the complexity of management and marketing, and the degree of formal documentation and knowledge acquisition mechanisms. Finally, different characteristics of enterprises have diverse influences on the adoption of KM.

Keywords: adoption process, knowledge management, KM, small and medium-sized enterprises, SMEs, enterprise development, Taiwan

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