Global Knowledge Workers Survey

[German title: Weltweite Umfrage: Wissensarbeiter]

Global Knowledge Workers Survey
Posted by: “John Maloney (Skype:jheuristic)”
Knowledge_Management_KM Yahoo! Group, Mon Dec 18, 2006 9:12 am (PST)

Hi —

Below is a link to the Global Knowledge Workers Survey.

The data are from about 500 major companies worldwide. There are some very interesting findings.

If you wish to see the results, and to review the survey summary, it is necessary to complete the survey. To add value to you, the entire survey summary is available to you the instant you complete the quick Survey. To begin, use this link and password.

Survey :
Password : GMWS2006

The GMWS survey and findings will payoff directly to you in techniques and methods for you in using your scarce time to even greater advantage and effectiveness.

This survey is open and under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

All results are for our open community and shared KM networks. You are welcome and encouraged to share the survey in your professional orbit and value networks.

Thanks for helping!



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