International Journal of Innovation and Learning, 4 (2), 2007

Knowledge transfer in IT outsourcing relationships: three international case studies  pp. 103 – 111 
Petter Gottschalk and Hans Solli-Sather 

Knowledge based framework for facilitating e-learning services  pp. 112 – 126 
Edward Altman, Ankush Mittal, Krishnan V. Pagalthivarthi 

Collaborative commerce through Web-Based Information Integration technologies  pp. 127 – 144 
Alan D. Smith 

Linking knowledge management and innovation management in e-business  pp. 145 – 159 
Ming-Chang Lee and To Chang 

Understanding diffusion of technology (internet/e-mail usage) in rural Bed and Breakfast operations: a three-year longitudinal study  pp. 160 – 171 
William L. Smith 

Firm performance effects in relations to the implementation and use of knowledge management systems  pp. 172 – 185 
David Feng and Edward T. Chen 

Research on humanised web-based learning model  pp. 186 – 196 
Kaiji Liao, Junjie Lu, Yanchun Yi 

Securing learning in learning objects  pp. 197 – 208 
Jacques Du Plessis and Alex Koohang 

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