Knowledge transfer in Estonian biotechnology

[German title: Wissenstransfer in der estonischen Biotechnologieindustrie]

Title: Creating a knowledge transfer environment: The case of Estonian biotechnology 
Author(s): Tonis Mets 
Journal: Management Research News 
ISSN: 0140-9174 
Year: 2006 Volume: 29 Issue: 12 Page: 754 – 768 
DOI: 10.1108/01409170610717790 
Publisher: Barmarick Publications 

Abstract: Purpose – To evaluate the science and technology (S&T) development framework within Estonia, a small transition country, and its biotechnology sector.
Design/methodology/approach – In the general overview the main concepts, actors and environment of S&T system in the triple helix context are analyzed. The empirical study explores the general research and development (R&D) environment of Estonia and particularly the biotechnology sector by mapping the actors, strategy of companies (all small and medium-sized enterprises – SMEs), innovation processes and related expenditures of the public sector and private businesses.
Findings – The study results indicate the ratio of basic and applied research, and product/service development in the gross R&D funding structure in Estonia to be 3:3:4; in the biotechnology sector this ratio is 11:5:1. The structure of research expenditure in the public sector mostly reflects the success of Estonian biosciences rather than the success of biotech as a business sector.
Practical implications – Ways for improving the S&T system are suggested.
Originality/value – Mapping the actors, and measurement of the structure of the R&D expenses in the Estonian biotech sector and in SMEs in particular. 

Keywords: Biotechnology, Estonia, Innovation, Knowledge transfer, Research and development 

Article Type: Research paper 

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