KnowledgeBoard Newsletter #144, 11/2006

Note: unfortunately no longer exists. However some of the content is still available via the WayBackMachine

KnowledgeBoard #144 – 30 November 2006 – Your Global KM Community


The role of the Knowledge Manager

Knowledge Management – Capturing Quality as it Comes in


Knowledge Management: Making It Work
By David Skyrme

KM for Beginners: Knowledge. What is it?
By John Pierce


Improving Intranet Search, Ongoing, Australia

PPSWR 2006, Ongoing, Montenegro

*Register now: UnBla.07, 24 -26 January 2007


* I would like to know what exactly is the role of knowledge manager and how one can enhance oneself to be effective knowledge manager?

* Knowledge management for the masses: Some guides

* I’m doing a MSc in Information Management. I would like to know about the research areas in Knowledge Management that I can do for my MSc research.

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