KnowledgeBoard Newsletter #145, 12/2006

Note: unfortunately no longer exists. However some of the content is still available via the WayBackMachine

KnowledgeBoard #145 – 19 December 2006 – Your Global KM Community

The top three news/announcements this year were:

Contactivity 2006: KnowledgeBoard’s 2006 multi-network gathering

Knowledge retention – Replacing the traditional exit interview

Research problem in KM


The top three documents this year were:

The Macuarium Set of CoP Measurements
By Miguel Cornejo Castro

Revisiting Communities of Practice: From fishermen guilds to the global village
By Miguel Cornejo Castro

The Watermill Model: A Practical Framework for Diagnosing and Analyzing Knowledge Management Issues
By Doron Faran, Aharon Hauptman and Yoel Raban


The top three discussions this year were:

* What is the role of a knowledge manager and how one can become more efficient?

* Why is “Knowledge Management” important?

* What is the different between the explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge?

More discussions:

*Register now: UnBla.07, 24 -26 January 2007      

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