SoL Flash, 10 (4), 2006

Newsletter of the Society for Organizational Learning


A Landmark SoL Meeting in Detroit
SoL Members Converge at Energy Conversion Devices
Upcoming SoL Gatherings
Profit for Life, A New SoL Publication by Jay Bragdon
Presence in Action, A New DVD Featuring C. Otto Scharmer
Peter Senge “Quicktalks” Now Available on SoL’s Website
SoL’s Hastily Formed Networks Project

Reflections: The SoL Journal
— Volume 7, Issue 4

Sustainability News
— Beyond “Sustainability Reporting:” How Measuring What Matters Can Drive Engagement, Innovation and Business Performance
— The 2nd SoL Business Innovation for Sustainability Forum
— SoL Sustainability Consortium Fall Newsletter

Upcoming Founding SoL Courses and Events
— Foundations for Leadership
— Presencing: Collective Leadership for Profound Innovation and Change

Other Local SoL Community Updates and Events
— SoL Finland
— SoL France
— SoL Netherlands

Updates and Events from SoL Communities in Formation
— SoL Israel

SoL Member Opportunities
— Profit for Life Reception for SoL Members
— SoL Member World Café at Pegasus Conference
— SoL Special Offers Webpage

SoL Business
— Upcoming SoL Council Meetings

SoL Community Events
— An Interdependent Future, Special Video Presentation
— Consciousness, Conscience, and Cash: The Three Elements of Success in Business
— 16th Annual Pegasus Conference
— “Rhyming for a Reason” An Evening of Song, Celebration and Powerful Poetry
— Your Life As Art in Vienna with Robert Fritz
— Systems Thinking: Tools, Methods, and Skills for Organizational Effectiveness in a Complex World
— Sustainable School Development Conference

SoL Community News
— SoL Member Roosevelt Finlayson organizes Second Festival in the Workplace Dialogue
— SoL Member Stephen Prosser’s Publications
— Business As a Human Community – An Interview with Peter Senge
— LOPN, Learning Organisation Practitioners’ Network, Singapore
— Employment Opportunities

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