The Learning Organization, 14 (1), 2007 (Special: Communities of Practice)

[German title: The Learning Organization, 14 (1), 2007 – Themenschwerpunkt: Praxisgemeinschaften]

Guest editorial
CoPs: one size fits all? 
Author(s):Jon Pemberton, Sharon Mavin 
Japan’s learning communities in Hewlett-Packard Consulting and Integration: Challenging one-size fits all solutions  
Florian Kohlbacher, Kazuo Mukai (pp. 8-20) 
Keywords: Communities, Japan, Knowledge creation, Knowledge sharing, Multinational companies 
ArticleType:Research paper 
Consultants: love-hate relationships with communities of practice  
Katja Pastoors (pp. 21-33) 
Keywords: Communities, Individual perception, Knowledge sharing, Management consultancy 
Managing intentionally created communities of practice for knowledge sourcing across organisational boundaries: Insights on the role of the CoP manager  
Thomas N. Garavan, Ronan Carbery, Eamonn Murphy (pp. 34-49) 
Keywords: Communities, Ireland, Knowledge sharing, Managers, Strategic management 
ArticleType:Research paper 
Emergent communities of practice in temporary inter-organisational partnerships  
Rein Juriado, Niklas Gustafsson (pp. 50-61) 
Keywords: Communities, Knowledge sharing, Partnership, Private sector organizations, Public sector organizations, Sweden 
ArticleType:Research paper 
Scratching beneath the surface of communities of (mal)practice  
Jon Pemberton, Sharon Mavin, Brenda Stalker (pp. 62-73) 
Keywords: Communities, Higher education, Knowledge sharing, Management power, United Kingdom, Working practices 
Developing communities of innovation by identifying innovation champions  
Elayne Coakes, Peter Smith (pp. 74-85) 
Keywords: Communities, Innovation, Knowledge sharing 

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