The Source for KM Professionals, 12/2006 – What characterizes a "knowledge manager"?

[German title: The Source for KM Professionals, 12/2006 – Was charakterisiert einen “Wissensmanager”? (Translate text to: Deutsch)]

The Source for KM Professionals, December 2006
What characterizes a “knowledge manager”?
By Alex Manchester, Editor 


Knowledge management: Eternal optimism, unlimited energy
By Catherine Flutsch, Bird & Bird.

Despite the varied industries represented at this year’s KM Thought Leaders Forum (UK), almost all of the delegates faced the same, major challenge. That is, the need to sustain high levels of energy, persistence and self belief to make sure that they obtain and sustain real understanding and buy-in from (and, therefore can demonstrate value to) the people in their organization whose support is vital in order for their KM programs to make a positive difference.
The challenge seems to reflect that employees in the delegates’ organizations broadly agree on what they want (roughly translated as the effective management and leverage of knowledge for competitive advantage) but have less agreement about how to achieve that goal. …

Adapted from, “KM: Eternal optimism and unlimited energy” in the November/December 2006 issue of KM Review


3rd Annual Conference on Employee Engagement
February 28-March 1, 2007, Atlanta, GA, USA

The Social Media Forum for Internal Communicators
March 21-22, 2007, London, UK

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