Understanding the role of migrants in knowledge exchanges

[German title: Die Rolle von Migranten beim Austauschen von Wissen verstehen]

International labour migration and tacit knowledge transactions: a multi-level perspective.
Global Networks 7 (1), 29-50.
doi: 10.1111/j.1471-0374.2006.00155.x

Abstract: There has been limited research on the role of international migration in the transfer of tacit knowledge, as opposed to skills and capital. In part, this results from lack of engagement between research on migration and that on knowledge and learning, even in debates concerning the relative importance of distanciated versus localized knowledge transfers. However, positioning international migration in relation to the literature on knowledge management opens up new perspectives on its role in the overall transfer of knowledge in the economy. Starting from the premise that all tacit knowledge transactions are socially situated, in this article I set out a multi-level approach to understanding the role of migrants in knowledge exchanges. The national, the urban and the firm constitute key levels in this study, although these are understood as interfolded rather than as discrete sites of analysis.

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