Chief Learning Officer Magazine, 1/2007


Learning Solutions
The Science of Corporate Learning
Donalee Markus, Ph.D.
Many corporate learning programs might sound effective in theory. But in order to positively deliver in reality, learning leaders need to understand — on a scientific level — how learners learn.

Managing Learning Function Performance
Oliver W. Cummings
It’s easy to say a well-designed, balanced performance measurement system that drives appropriate stakeholder behaviors greatly reduces the likelihood of function failure. However, designing and executing such a performance measurement system is easier said than done.

12 Unavoidable Truths About E-Learning
Kenneth Carlton Cooper
Many organizations ignore basic realities about technology and learning, resulting in e-learning programs that are time-consuming to create, expensive to produce and deploy and don’t change behaviors in the intended way. Building effective e-learning takes an understanding of 12 unavoidable truths.

Human Capital
Developing a Leadership Strategy
Kate Sweetman, Dave Ulrich & Norm Smallwood
Branded leadership cements a company’s identity in the minds of its best customers regarding employee behaviors throughout the enterprise. This type of leadership requires a programmatic and innovative approach to learning interventions.

Wanted: A CLO With Courage
Sandra Ford Walston
Chief learning officers don’t simply provide companies with learning programs. They are responsible for fostering change in the workplace. It’s a position that requires not just leadership and organizational skills but also considerable courage.


CLO Profile
The Home Depot’s Leslie Joyce: Laying the Foundation for an Effective Workforce
Brian Summerfield
For The Home Depot’s Leslie Joyce, Ph.D., the mantra “Measure twice; cut once” resonates on more than one level. As the chief learning officer for one of the largest retailers in the country, Joyce knows the importance of building targeted training for a diverse workforce.

Case Study
DaimlerChrysler: Achieving ‘Five Star’ Sales and Service
Cari McLean & Sarah Stone Wunder
Many automobile companies have slashed learning and development budgets to the bare essentials in the face of growing competition. At DaimlerChrysler, however, the executive team recognizes the value of the DaimlerChrysler Academy, all the while making sure the academy isn’t simply “training for training’s sake.”

Business Intelligence
Looking Forward: The Training Industry in 2007
Peter McStravick
With the war for talent in full swing, CLOs are thrust into a more strategic role as company leaders look to them to help address a wide range of talent management issue. Learning is no longer just about training — it’s not seen as a strategic function that can transform a company into a high-performance organization.


Take Five
Five Award-Winning Online Courses
Brandon Hall

Selling Up, Selling Down
Strategic Versus Tactical: Do We Know the Difference?
Bob Mosher

Habits of Successful CLOs
Elliott Masie

New CLO, New Year, New Chance!
Fred Harburg

Guest Editorial
Time for Change
Neil Lasher

In Conclusion
2007: The Year of the Mission-Critical Workforce
Jeanne C. Meister


Editor’s Letter
Norm’s Law

Letters to the Editor

Mind Mapping:
Charting Learning in Financial Management

New England Organ Bank:
Saving Lives and Learning

JPMorgan Chase Card Services:
Training for Accountability

Buffalo Rock:
Online Training that Moves Bottles into Customers’ Hands

United Way of America:
Defining Mission, Defining Leaders


Original Feature:
E-Learning Outsourcing: Go with Your Eyes Wide Open
S.M. Nafay Kumail & Anupma Bakshi
Outsourcing design and development of e-learning has become a key strategic initiative for many organizations because of the obvious benefits of receiving specialized services. But how do you select the “right” outsourcing partner when there are so many options?

Original Feature:
Solving the Browser Failure Mystery
Richard T. Litofsky
Buried somewhere within your learners’ browsers is a wrong setting or missing plug-in that is causing an incompatibility with your site. So how do you deal with these random browser mysteries? Learn how to mitigate some of the most common causes for browser failures that learners might experience on your site.

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