(Digital) tools for informal learning

[German title: (Digitale) Werkzeuge für informelles Lernen]

Cross, J.: Informal Learning: Rediscovering the Natural Pathways That Inspire Innovation and Performance. Pfeiffer, 2006. 320 p.; ISBN-10: 0787981699 (pbk), ISBN-13: 978-0787981693 (pbk)

Abstract: Most learning on the job is informal. This book offers advice on how to support, nurture, and leverage informal learning and helps trainers to go beyond their typical classes and programs in order to widen and deepen heir reach. The author reminds us that we live in a new, radically different, constantly changing, and often distracting workplace. He guides us through the plethora of digital learning tools that workers are now accessing through their computers, PDAs, and cell phones.

Autor: Jay Cross coined the term eLearning. He has championed informal learning since designing the first business degree program offered by the University of Phoenix. He served as long-term CEO of eLearning Forum. An internationally acclaimed strategist, speaker, and designer of corporate performance systems, Jay is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Business School.

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